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Here you can see our prices in Translavox Translation Agency

How much does it cost? Check the approximate price list for translation and interpreting in our main language combination, English<->Polish:

Interpreting and simultaneous interpretation equipment – price list

Simultaneous interpreting From EUR 250/ 4-hour block, 2 interpreters
Consecutive and liaison interpreting From EUR 125/ 4-hour block, 1 interpreter
Escort translation From EUR 200/day
Renting simultaneous interpretation equipment From EUR 425/day*
*Daily cost of rental and service for a 3-day conference for 150 people. Write to us and let us know what services and equipment you need.

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Download terms and conditions for interpreting (PL)

Translation and other services – price list

Business translation From EUR 0.035/word
Sworn translation (certified) From EUR 12/page
Express translation From EUR 0.055/word
Technical translation From EUR 0.04/word
Academic/ scientific translation From EUR 40/word
Medical translation From EUR 50/word
Native speaker verification From EUR 40/word
Literary translation Individual pricing
Website localization Individual pricing
Proofreading – Polish From EUR 5/word
Proofreading – other languages From EUR 15/word
Transcreation Individual pricing
Voice-over in Polish From EUR 15
Voice-over in other languages From EUR 30
  1. A standard translation page is 250 words or 1800 characters including spaces. For certified translation it is 1125 characters including spaces.
  2. Texts requiring conversion to editable formats (such as .docx) are charged 10% extra (or more with extremely illegible texts).
  3. We calculate the final total cost after receiving the text.

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Download terms and conditions for translation services

Download terms and conditions for intepreting services

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