Medical translation 

Medical translation – it runs in our veins

Medical translation is a challenging and very interesting field, one of the main pillars of our company. We have worked for medical and pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, doctors and patients. We ensure confidentiality and high quality of each translation. We have meticulous verification procedures in place and consult terminology with specialists in the field.

Some of the disciplines we have translated were endocrinology, nuclear medicine, cardiology, cardiac surgery, dermatology dentistry, orthodontics, ophthalmology and medical equipment.

Example types of texts translated by Translavox Translation Agency:

  • clinical trial documentation
  • leaflets of medical products
  • websites, advertising materials,
  • medical documentation, e.g. case records, diagnostic test results
  • publications for medical journals,
  • manuals for medical equipment,

We offer both certified and non-certified translation. We have also successfully performed medical interpreting during conferences and during doctor’s appointments. You may also be interested in our offer for simultaneous interpretation.

Working with us means:

  • clear pricing rules,
  • quick and professional service,
  • discounts for regular clients.

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