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Translavox – Translation Agency 

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Translavox translation agency based in Szczecin, Poland, offers high-quality translation and interpretation service since 2015. We provide services in Poland and abroad. Take a look at out price list.

We are a team of translators and interpreters, specialising in scientific, technical and business translation.

Translavox translation office continues the finest traditions of the industry and has cooperated with many companies and individual clients for years.

We provide a full range of translation services: from a small article to a doctoral dissertation; from a short training session to an international conference. As a company we are a reliable partner and advisor in translation and interpreting. We prefer direct and open communication to identify the most advantageous offer that matches your expectations. Trust quality, choose Translavox.

Excellent interpreters and translators

The translator’s profession requires constant improvement. We never cease to work on our linguistic competences and regularly participate in training courses. We work with the best translators on the market, set high standards for ourselves and others.

Experience and professional handling of your orders

We know a thing or two about translation and want to share our experience as your language partner. At the same time, we want the translation process to proceed smoothly and in a positive atmosphere that promotes transparent communication.

Innovative technologies for faster translation

We use CAT software (computer-aided translation), which guarantees greater consistency of terminology and easy cooperation between translators involved in a  project. Thanks to CAT programs, we can also ensure proper quality control of the translation.

Quick quote

After receiving the text or details of the interpreting job, we provide a quote based on parameters such as degree of difficulty, time required for completion and field. It does not take a lot of time – we will specify the rate and possible deadline within an hour.

Your data is kept confidential

We have confidentiality rules in place and make sure that information received from you is securely stored. On request, we also use encryption of correspondence and received materials.

Nasze biuro tu0142umaczeniowe stawia na jakou015bu0107

Why are we English-Polish translators?

First of all, having mastered the art of translation and interpreting, we came to appreciate their immense value as a bridges between languages and people. This is especially valid for interpreting – we feel that our work helps to stimulate ideas and facilitate discussion, sometimes even saves lives.

In addition, we just love what we do. Our work resembles a journey through a vast woodland. Although, we’re familiar with many areas, we still get to know new hideouts, unknown plants and animal species. This makes our work very rewarding and we are grateful to our clients for surprising us with challenging texts to translate and debates to interpret.

Finally, English-Polish translation services are in high demand as Poland continue to cooperate in various areas such as industry, science and the arts within the EU and around the world. However, you may sometimes be at loss as to which translation providers to turn to. As passionate translators and interpreters, we support you when you need experts who can render a flawless translation or deliver your message at a conference. You can always ask us to perform a test translation if you need to make sure that we are the right match. 

The crew

Wu0142au015bcicel biura tu0142umaczeu0144 Translavox Mariusz Listewnik

Mariusz Listewnik

Owner of Translavox, translator and intepreter. He holds a master’s degree in English Studies and has graduated from AMU School of Translation, Interpreting and Languages.  He is passionate about medical technology and new translation tools.

Marta Listewnik - tu0142umaczka pisemna i konferencyjna

Marta Listewnik

Translator and interpreter, author of the first translation of a novel from Welsh into Polish. She holds a master’s degree in English and is a graduate of the AMU School of Translation, Interpreting and Languages. Currently finishing a PhD dissertation in Welsh linguistics.


What do we offer?


Tu0142umaczenia symultaniczne z ju0119zyka angielskiego

Simultaneous interpreting

The best choice for a conference. Experienced interpreters, possibility to hire intepreting booths and sound system

Tu0142umaczenia konsekutywne z ju0119zyka angielskiego

Consecutive interpreting

Recommended for special events, press conferences and smaller meetings

Tu0142umaczenia towarzyszu0105ce z ju0119zyka angielskiego

Escort Interpreting

Ideal for small groups that require an interpreter on the go

Wynajem sprzu0119tu konferencyjnego

Renting simultaneous interpretation equipment

Sound systems, transmitters and interpreting booths for your conference

Translation and related services

Tu0142umaczenia biznesowe z ju0119zyka angielskiego

Business translation

 Good communication pays

Tu0142umaczenia medyczne z ju0119zyka angielskiego

Medical translation

Excellent quality and fast delivery

Tu0142umaczenia naukowe z ju0119zyka angielskiego

Academic translation

Your publication in good hands

Tu0142umaczenia techniczne z ju0119zyka angielskiego

Technical translation

Accurately and on time

Tu0142umaczenia lietrackie angielsko-polskie

Literary translation

We make it a good read

Lokalizacja biura tu0142umaczeniowego

Localization and transcreation

Get new customers on board

Korekta tekstu w biurze tu0142umaczeniowym


Avoid unnecessary mistakes

Nagrania lektorskie

Voice-over in Polish and English

Perfect for your advertising materials

Why choose us?


Doskonale wykwalifikowany zespu00f3u0142 tu0142umaczy


Dou015bwiadczenie i profesjonalizm


Innowacyjne technologie wspomagaju0105ce tu0142umaczenia


Bu0142yskawiczna wycena


Poufnou015bu0107 powierzonych informacji



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