Consecutive interpreting

Consecutive interpreting for events, press conferences and smaller meetings


In this mode of interpreting speakers pause every 2-5 minutes  for the interpreter to convey the message in another language. Consecutive interpreting is often used during official speeches and ceremonies. It requires good memory and the ability to convey the message in a concise form. Because interpreters often speak in front of a large audiences it is also vital that they manage stage fright with ease. Our interpreters can handle such challenges with ease and will ensure smooth communication at your events.

Another very popular mode of consecutive interpreting is liaison interpreting (“sentence by sentence” mode) used when participants want to enagage in a lively interaction. Although it might seem so, liaison interpreting is not easier than traditional consecutive interpreting as it requires very good reaction time and self-control in the heat of discussion. Use TRANSLAVOX – we offer a qualified team that will satisfy your needs.

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