Localization and transcreation

New opportunities for reaching potential customers

Localization is the process of adapting the product and all related communication to a new target group. Localization is most often required for:

  • websites,
  • computer games,
  • mobile apps.

    Localization process involves translation taking into account the needs and preferences of the new target group. Terminology, style, cultural nuances, such as colours of promotional materials – it all needs to be adapted. The aim of localization is to convey the same message about the product to a new group of recipients. Our translation agency will help you to achieve this goal.


Transcreation is anotheer type of translation – recreating the message in another language in a way which brings the same or simliar reaction of the consumer. Transcreation might sometimes resemble literary translation as it requries plenty of creativity and languistic skills. It is mostly used in translating marketing texts, commercials and advertising slogans.

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Lokalizacja i transkreacja
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